Undisciplined Reader, Meet Self Doubt

I am just a few chapters from finishing reading my 2nd book this year… just. a. few. chapters. Yet, here I am writing about finishing the book rather than finishing it. I have been staring at my kindle (brand new Kindle user- it is an amazing little device!) and opting to do almost anything else. This is, I admit, something I have always known about my reading habits. They are crazy inconsistent.

I envy people that lay in bed each night at 8:30 PM and read for 1 hour before sweetly drifting off. Instead, I read for 6 hours until 2 AM on a Tuesday, which leads to inevitable suffering on Wednesday morning, and then I will not read again for 4 days. Does anyone else experience this? Am I just a novice reader? Am I going to regret this goal I set as my undisciplined nature reveals itself?

I am not sure what the coming days and weeks will bring, but I will continue to blog about it and continue the long and improbable slog towards my goal!

1.75/50  🐢

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