Professional Background

Business Development/ Sales

  • Software Demonstrations
  • Partner on-boarding, training, and sales assistance
  • Product knowledge
  • Phone and email outreach
  • Warm calls
  • Risk Management Software Product Knowledge
  • Attend conferences to engage stakeholders and generate new partnerships.

Customer Service

  • I am a highly skilled support professional and success manager, with experience managing the challenges and triumphs of customers, partners, and other stakeholders within diverse settings and industries:
    • healthcare, software, public health, medical devices, travel,  non-profit/charities, international education,

Public Health Professional

  • I have a Master of Public Health (MPH) from a CEPH accredited program. I graduated with a health coaching internship (focused on Motivational Interviewing) and a capstone project doing a program evaluation using the FitnessGram® battery.

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

  • Social Media
    • Review Generation, Regular Posting and Advertising, Responding and Monitoring, Customer Engagement
  • Paid Search
    • Google Ads, Yelp Ads,
  • Basic Website Creation & SEO

Content Writing and Management

  • Search and synthesize business/product related news
  • literature reviews and summaries
  • Tailor content to specific audience
  • Manage social media accounts and posts to engage audience

Web Design (beginner level)

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript
  • GitHub, WordPress


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