A Simple Salad and A Feral Cook

Adam and I decided to cook dinner together last night, which is something we just don’t do enough. We usually have a lot of fun and eat much healthier and more intentionally when we eat at home. I bought the cookbook Love and Lemons this weekend, so that inspired us to change our ways.

Now, I have to be honest; I am not exactly an accomplished chef or even a comfortable cook. I am deeply insecure in the kitchen. I know it is ridiculous. I know that cooking is fun and there are no rules. But, there are rules and you know it. Furthermore, sometimes people are dicks, and I have met and talked to many of these people. So, my issue is that I like to cook. I like to be in my kitchen alone with the freedom to do the wrong thing and the ability to improvise without having to explain myself. I like this creativity. What I don’t like is cooking alongside someone that learned to cook some kind of way from someone that knew…because that wasn’t me. I am like a feral animal let loose with a hot plate and some bruised vegetables, and I like it that way.

All of this is to say that my boyfriend and I had a kitchen clash. The old inferiority complex of the past reared its ugly head while we both worked away, him making a lovely salad and me heating 2 portabella mushrooms on a skillet. It culminated in an argument, some sorry saying (on my part), a conversation, and luckily some nice tasting food.

What I learned from this experience was that I can be a nut about silly things and that freaking out because you drop food on the floor is just NOT a good look. I also learned that the salad that Adam made was so lovely and so simple! A new favorite!


  • Feta
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber

No dressing needed- just dice it up and toss the ingredients together. A lovely simple side salad! I forgot to take a photo, and it has been consumed already! Sorry I am not sorry!

Will be sharing more cooking adventures as I seek to get over my crisis of confidence in the kitchen!



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