Day 6: Shutter Speed and Time Management

Today for my 500 word post, I wanted to delve into shutter speed, something I have been ignoring in my photography research while I focus on the aperture. I am lost in a swirl of photography concepts…except it is 3 and it hasn’t been hard yet. Also, I am so very new and really wantContinue reading “Day 6: Shutter Speed and Time Management”

Day 5- First photos as a DSLR user 😅

I mentioned in my “Day 3 Post” that I was learning photography using the internet and whatever other tutorials I could get my hands on. Today, I had some free time to delve into it and had some fun! Aaaand, I am terrible, but the beginning is a good place to start. I found someContinue reading “Day 5- First photos as a DSLR user 😅”