Day 11: Pumpkin Bread is a Food Group

I have been watching The Great British Baking Show quite a bit lately, and it has me thinking about cakes and pastries wayyyy more than I should be. Every challenge, I say out loud, “I would eat that right now. I want that!” It hasn’t been good for my bikini bod goals this spring. ThereContinue reading “Day 11: Pumpkin Bread is a Food Group”

Day 4: No Time to Write

It is day 4/31 of the #My500Words challenge. I am loving the challenge, but I am also tired! Today was a big day that challenged me in some ways regarding this goal. I was very sleepy this morning, very active this afternoon, and very preoccupied with lounging around and eating with my man-friend. This leftContinue reading “Day 4: No Time to Write”