Dreams from My Father- Thoughts and Takeaways

I finished Dreams from My Father, former President Barack Obama’s autobiographical narrative of his early years, earlier this week. It chronicles Obama’s childhood and family background as well as his years working as an organizer in Chicago and exploring what it means to be black, or white for that matter, in America.

I found the book to be an interesting look at the 44th president of the U.S. I knew very little about this important man’s background, and how much of that knowledge had come from inflammatory news and media outlets, both defending and defaming him. I knew that his election was historic, and I had even cried when it happened. I didn’t understand the truth behind his humble beginnings or his unique American story.

The book’s exploration of racial themes is insightful. As Obama explores his roots in America as well as Africa, the reader can peek at a new perspective of colonialism and of the inherited pain and struggle of generations past. I would recommend the book, although at times I can admit that my attention faded. I give 5 stars for teaching me to be more aware and critical of the information I consume. I give 3.7 stars for the book itself. Although it was very good and interesting, large sections of the book were a bit lost on me and felt convoluted. If the book was a memoir by anyone else, I cannot say that it would be an excellent book.

Grateful to start the year and the challenge off with a great read.


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